Thom Ashworth from Our Lost Infantry tells all about brain music, gender theory, Scott Pilgrim and much more as he talks us through his personal picks. Name: Thom Ashworth, singer/guitarist in Our Lost Infantry About us: We started out making indie-folk but we’ve gone through a gradual, radical metamorphosis, playing with less people but more volume. We like brain music like post rock, math rock or prog but we’re too interested in melodies and hooks to abandon them, so I guess we make pop-inflected music that’s a bit clever. Listening to: Tree, Swallows, Houses by Maps and Atlases has been on pretty heavy rotation since I got it a couple of weeks ago. In music (as in art or writing) I’m interested in ideas and structures as much as content, though the records that I really get into combine this with good songwriting. Around that I’ve been listening a lot to This Town Needs Guns, Hope and Social, Meshuggah and Polar Bear. Reading: I’m halfway through a part-time degree in art history, so I’ve spent most of my reading time lately on post-colonialism or gender theory. Any time left over goes on *cough* sci-fi. I just finished the 2nd Uplift trilogy by David Brin, who writes the most alien aliens. Watching: I watch almost no TV except repeats of QI and Mock the Week (Dave FTW). Inception blew my mind over the Summer (the spinning top didn’t fall, imo), as did Scott Pilgrim. The Last Airbender turned out to be one of the worst films I’ve ever seen, but my girlfriend bought season 1 of the cartoon on dvd, which is pretty rad. Eating: Spaghetti with most things. You can pretty much just make it up as you go along, so long as whatever you cook takes less time than the spaghetti… How bout chicken, shallots, leeks and a splash of beer, simmered for 5 minutes? Good morning vietnomnomnom. Anything Else: I went to Venice this summer to see a whole bunch of art galleries (and eat a moderate ton of gelato). Takashi Murakami’s The Emergence of God and the Reversal of Fate is a massive anime/abstract/halftone superflat morass, given its own room in the Palazzo Grassi. It blew my mind. Promo Info