Jordan Laird, Bass Pilot for Scottish rockers Pose Victorious, I hope to be promoted to a Basstronaut by 2015. In my spare time I manipulate photos of my friends on photoshop in the hope it will ingratiate me to them.

Listening to: Twin Atlantic, Frightened Rabbit, Tallest Man on Earth, Kid Cudi and 12 hours of Italian lessons. Mi Parlo Italianio is no so Good

Reading: I'm a digital native so therefore I now read with my ears, so to answer your question my ears are currently reading 'How to speak Italian in 12 hours' and 'Freedom' by Jonathan Franzen.

Watching: Pose Victorious are way too legit to quit so we always make sure as to buy all our visual goodies, so I am are currently 'buying' and then selling to the rest of the bands external hard drives 'Breaking Bad' , 'Parks and Recreations', 'Trailer Park Boys' and 'Eastbound and Down'. I am currently awaiting with the baited breath of bull mastiff the arrival of Chris Lilleys new comedy 'Angry Boys', if you haven't already I highly suggest watching both 'we can be heroes' and 'Summer Heights High' if you like your comedy with jokes that are hilariously funny then this is for you.

Playing: Classic card game Uno or Futuristic non-card game 'Angry Birds'.

Eating: If we are on tour, my properly devised diet of Burgers, Beer and viscously over priced service station snacks keeps my blood sugar as high as my morale. On our latest jaunt, I road-tested a new drink that claims to 'boost your mood' It's fair to say I have not looked back since.

Promo Info: The aforementioned Pose Victorious released their new EP Beneath The Lighthouse on June the 6th and you can currently download a free single called 'Cold Hands Warm Heart' from various sources, one of them being bandcamp, if you find yourself in the vast expanses of Facebook and can't think for the life of you who to stalk next then pop our name in the search machine and come and give us your virtual validation by 'liking' us.