So I am James Brown (no, not that one, hardy, ha, ha) from PABH and I play guitar and fall over and off things on stage. I moved to a place called Leeds to study Art for numerous years which lead to becoming heavily involved in the healthy and vibrant music scene we have. Started a record label, promoted shows, played in various bands which eventually lead to me meeting the other three horsemen of the apocalypse. We got a record deal and played 3,000,000 shows and today I find myself sat in an apartment in Sydney, Australia waiting to play our first show out here. Listening to: I'm currently listening to the new Radiohead album The King of Limbs. Yet again they've surprised everyone announcing the new album is out four days before it was available to download. Clever bunch of self marketing Oxford scholars. Its taken me a few spins, maybe 6 or 7 to get really into it. Tracks 'Little by Little' and 'Lotus Flower' stick out a mile though. Give it a go folks. Reading: From the mega flight of 22 hours from the UK to Australia I mainly drank free red wine and didn't read the new book I bought which is 'Kill Your Friends' by John Niven which I got for this trip. Its a dark and sordid look into the inners of the music industry which I imagine will be a tad sexed up. Supposed to be good though. Watching: Currently watching Dexter season 1 (bit late on this one I know) and re-watching the Spanish mad as fucking hatters zombie films 'Rec'. I think I might be slightly perverse over zombie flicks and I much prefer the golden oldies. But the two Rec films are like a fucking roller coaster ride! Eating: Yesterday I ate a beef kebab before we went to watch Joanna Newsom in the city centre which was a terrible idea as my belly was louder than her. This morning I made a sausage, egg and cheese muffin. Rest of the day I’ll have fags (ahem, cigarettes). Promo Info: At the moment were having a bit of a break UK wise to write and record the new album but I'm sure we'll pop up at a few festivals this summer over here and abroad so keep those eyes firmly peeled.