I'm Jill from the band Sparrow and the Workshop. I was born in Belfast but grew up in Chicago and then found myself in Glasgow nearly four years ago. That's where I formed a band, accidentally, because Nick and myself happened to move into a flat and Gregor happened to live there and now 3 years later we're still chugging away as a band. I sing and play guitar while Nick plays guitar and bass and Gregor drums and sings.

Listening to: Today I've been listening to a band my friend Angi told me about called Lungfish, they're from Baltimore and have put out an extraordinary amount of material and I am enjoying in immensely. I also have been listening to 'Fortune Teller' by Forest Fire. There's a great lyric 'my aura's yellow like a coward'...I feel that way sometimes. I've also been delving into the 60's and listening to Melanie and Spirit. SF Sorrow by the Pretty Things is really interesting too (it was one of the first rock operas, apparently). I also love Scout Niblett, the song 'Kiss' between her and Will Oldham is beautiful and the video is oddly compelling to watch. I won't give away what happens but seriously, go check it out.

Reading: I have become obsessed with short stories. I like the intensity. Also, any expectations can either be met, denied, or exceeded quicker than with a long book...You can have your heart broken faster or learn something in less time. You get these quick glimpses into people's lives. On that note, I can't recommend Raymond Carver or Alice Munro enough. Both of those authors use 'ordinary' people as their protagonists, sometimes they make little decisions that have profound effects on their lives, other times they're closing their eyes and letting the day to day carry them to their graves. They have secrets and irrational desires, they're also loving and reasonable. They're just people, I guess, and they're fascinating. It makes me feel like the world is ephemeral and yet makes me really want to live and experience as much as I can.

Watching: The 10 O'Clock Show, South Park, The Daily Show, the Inbetweeners and anything else I can watch online because we can't get a TV, I am the type of person who likes distraction and I have no self-control either, I'd literally sit and stare at the screen all night.

Eating: I eat a LOT of beans or pulses or whatever you prefer to call them. Especially black eyed beans, they're great with cucumbers and radishes. I can't eat beef because it makes me drowsy, I'll sleep for about 12 hours after a burger. I don't mind this because the beef industry grosses me out anyway. I also have a crisp addiction. I don't put the bag down until it's empty. I am grateful for the person who first thought of shaving a potato real thin, frying it in a cup of oil and then rolling in salt. I am happiest with a bag of crisps, a ginger beer and a guitar to strum away on (with greasy fingers).

Promo Info: We've just finished a video for our new single 'Snakes in the Grass', which our drummer Gregor wrote and directed. We're heading out on a UK tour on May 23rd, and our new album 'Spitting Daggers' comes out on May 30th. We're also confirmed for a couple of festivals so far, including The Secret Garden Party, London Calling and Rockness. We're pretty excited and hope you can come join us at a gig in your town. The dates are:

  • 26th - Newcastle, Cluny 2
  • 27th - Birmingham, The Rainbow
  • 29th - Manchester, Roadhouse
  • 30th - Liverpool, O2 Academy
  • 1st - Sheffield, Forum [Free Show]
  • 2nd - Reading, South Street Arts Centre
  • 3rd - Cardiff, Clwb Ifor Bach
  • 4th - Bristol, Louisiana
  • 6th - London, Hoxton Bar & Grill
  • 7th - Wolverhampton, Slade Rooms
  • 18th - Yorkshire, Willowman Festival
  • 24th - Cambridgeshire, The Secret Garden Party