I'm a girl (woman?) that has lived in Ohio all her life. I have a pet cat and 5 to 6 pet hermit crabs. I do not have a TV but not in a political "I don't have a TV because I have better things to do" way but because I cant afford one and the new box thingy confused me. Listening to: Trying to transition out of sad winter music a la Cocteau Twins, This Mortal Coil, Cannanes, basically my whole record collection, to spring and summer jams. Gonna force change in the weather through music. Always heard music can change lives. With that said... Gucci Mane mixtapes, Copywrite The Life and Times of Peter Nelson, the Time New Viking 'Dance Equired' test pressing (out in April) and this Mazzy Star cassette in my truck. Reading: These are the books sitting on the table in front of me: 'The Poetics of Space' by Gaston Bachelard, 'Stealing the Mona Lisa' by Darien Leader (I am really interested in art theft and art forgery... remind me to tell you about Hans Van Meegren) 'The Studs Terkel Interviews', 'The Deer Park' ny Norman Mailer (I love LA and Norman Mailer so...) 'The Language Instinct' by Steven Pinker, 'The Invisible Dragon' by Dave Hickey (also recommend 'Air Guitar') 'The Guermantes Way' by Marcel Proust (and yes I have read 'Swanns Way' and 'Within a Budding Grove' ) 'The Art of Cinema' by Jean Cocteau, 'Cinema 1 The Movement Image' by Deleuze, 'The Cult of the Cat' by doesn’t matter, 'Surrealism and the Novel' by JH Matthews, 'The Acid Archives', 'The Art of Andrew Wyeth' and 'The Book of Basketball' by Bill Simmons. Watching: Just got the Sarah Silverman show season 3 which I'm excited about. Portlandia is pretty funny. I try to watch comedies because when I watch serious movies that are really good I can't get out of bed for a week. But I must say Gena Rowlands is the best actress ever when I have the stomach to watch a Cassavettes movie. Not because I think they are misogynist, just really real and depressing. Playing: Mostly Scrabble. Sometimes Nintendo with a blanket over the TV at my dudes house. Eating: Thank you for reminding me. I just got into celery. I used to hate it then I realized I only hated those strings that get stuck in your teeth. If you de-string them in a way similar to eating string cheese they are a refreshing treat. You can make them food by adding peanut butter. You can also make anything food by adding mustard. I also have a special sauce I make that makes anything food. Iarbanzo beans are at the bottom of my food pyramid and I also get a lot of calories from whiskey. I'd also like to give a shout out to olives, grapefruit, peanut butter flavoured cereal and fat free alphabet. Promo Info: Lots of stuff. We will be all over Europe, the UK, the United States, Japan, Australia and New Zealand from spring on. Our new album comes out at the end of April in said places. We have lots of ideas for videos and stuff you can buy, like silly bandz. Mark, where are we on that? April 21- NANTES, Pole Etudiant 22 - GRONINGEN, Vera 23 - AMSTERDAM, OCCII 25 - NORWICH, Fuzz @ Project Norwich 26 - WREXHAM, Rope @ Central Station 27 - MANCHESTER, Deaf Institute 28 - YORK, The Duchess 30 - GLASGOW, Nice n' Sleazys May 1 - LEEDS, Brudenell for Live In Leeds 2 - LIVERPOOL, Club Lazy Genius @ Mojo 3 - LONDON, Upset The Rhythm @ XOYO 4 - PARIS, Fleche D'Or 6 - SALZBURG, Yeah!Club/ME @ Rockhouse 7 - CELJE, Kino Metropol 9 - VIENNA, B72 http://timesnewviking.net