We are an 8-piece arkestra from Oxford, apparently. Well that’s what our PR says, but he’s shot away and we don’t know what an arkestra is (is it something to do with Sun Ra? Or Noah? I don’t know). We are, collectively, James C, James M, James T, Anna, Tom, Jez, Ads and me, that is, Greg. We’ve been going since 2007, when we formed in the countryside in France whilst on a musical holiday. We won the opportunity to open Green Man Festival in Wales in 2009, after being selected by a panel of judges made up of Bella Union boss man Simon Raymonde, Moshi Moshi kingpin Stephen Bass and former Clash editor Mike Diver. So that was good. Last October we flew out to Iceland and performed at Airwaves festival in Reykjavik. In one of our three gigs there, we were apparently officially louder than My Bloody Valentine at the Roundhouse, which I’m frankly skeptical about. We’ve finally finished recording our first EP, called the Chalon Valley House Band EP, and it’s going to be released on Brainlove Records on 4th April 2011 - available at retailers who aren’t too picky. Listening to: Greg: At the moment, I’m listening mostly to Atlas Sound’s Pitchfork TV video of ‘Attic Light’s. I was never a fan before but I checked this out after having it recommended to me by my neighbourhood bandmate James C and it’s such a beautiful song and so well shot, it could be the music video for the song itself. It blew my mind. I’m also listening to the song ‘Still Sound’ by Toro y Moi, which is absolutely brilliant, and a lot of Sam Amidon. James C: A lot of the Walkmen recently. Also loving the White Noise Sound record, which is very loud. Reading: Greg: I’m going between two books at the moment. One is Michael Palin’s Diaries 1969-1979, because I’m a Monty Python dork. The other is Tiziano Terzani’s A Fortune Teller Told Me, which is a true account of an Italian journalist working in south-east Asia who was told by a fortune teller not to fly in 1993, and so spent the year going around by other modes of transport. Both are very good, if not particularly intellectually rigorous. I’m too busy at the moment for rigour. James C: I’m partway through reading Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace, which I’m very much enjoying. After that I’ve got The Savage Detectives by Roberto Bolano lined up. I enjoyed his most recent (and sadly, final) book, 2666 too. For some reason, most of the authors I read seem to be dead. I’ve spent years trawling through South American literature (Borges, Rulfo, Dorfman and of course Marquez) and I love it. Watching: Greg: I don’t get a lot of time for TV. I did an essay for university a few months ago – I’m doing a journalism masters - and watched a lot of Spitting Image for that. Oh, and I watched Mrs Brown the other day, which was very good. James C: The Thick of It, and anything that Armando Ianucci has had his hands on is generally on in my house. Playing: James C: I’m going to go ahead and tell you what equipment I play in this section, to advertise my need for a new organ. I’m currently rocking a MicroKorg and a Scarlatti Accordion for stage shows with a Korg Triton backing me up at home! But I want an Organ, Farfisa FAST compact, or a Yamaha SK series synth, so if you’ve got one knocking around get in touch with us! Greg: Well if we’re treating this as an equipment section, I’m currently using an Epiphone Casino through my little Blackstar 5 Watt amp. It’s not really loud enough, but it means the tubes get really pushed. But if we ever make any money out of this, I’ll be getting a new amp! Eating: Greg: Well, we’re currently in the studio recording our second EP, so we’re eating studio food, which consists mostly of kettle chips, dip, beer, which is a sort of liquidised bread, and the occasional pork pie. James C: I had a lasagne last night, with a portion of chips from the shop. It was strange. Anna ate most of the chips anyway. Promo Info: Greg: Well we’re on tour for a large part of March with our Oxford friends Cat Matador, who will also be employing the services of our wünder-guitarist, Zoobs. We’ll be playing here: 24th Feb - Cat Matador EP launch, The Cellar, Oxford 1st March - The Purple Turtle, Reading 4th March - The Labour Club, Northampton 19th March - Mr Wolfs, Bristol 22nd March - The Dublin Castle, Camden, London 25th March – Our EP launch, The Cellar, Oxford – it’s the place to launch your EP apparently. 26th March - Nottingham (Venue TBC) Then we have the EP officially released on 4th April 2011, as previously mentioned. But if you want to get a free track, go here and become our mailing list chums… http://www.brainloverecords.com/weaeronauts Other than that, stay safe and we’ll see you in your hometown soon. Providing your hometown is Oxford, Reading, Northampton, Bristol, London or Nottingham.