Wild Palms are finally set to release their debut album this March. It's called Until Spring and is definitely worth the wait. Singer from Wild Palms Lou Hill is the latest to take the 'Artist Picks' treatment. Name: Lou Hill, singer, Wild Palms. About us: Ready to release our debut album Until Spring that we recorded with Gareth Jones in the studio we built in Manor House last summer. We've been sitting with it for a while so it'll be good to get it out there. We've made a record that we are all proud of, especially considering the limits we were working with, but we made the limits of the studio and other things work for us. We've tried hard to not become static and have changed and evolved over the two years we've been together and Until Spring incorporates and embodies that change I think: I guess normally you would go on to explain what it sounds like but I’d rather people formulated their own opinions and take what they want from it. We used to be 4 now we are 5, we've enlisted the talents of our multi-instrumentalist and technology whizz friend Bobby Krlic to play guitar, samplers etc....so at the moment we are working out how to play the album live as well as writing new material for the next album. Listening to: We've collectively all been listening to a lot of different stuff but Sonic Youth is always there, recently Murray Street. The same could be said for Radiohead especially Kid A and In Rainbows. Burial's Untrue has been played a lot in the studio over the last couple of months, as has Swim by Caribou, Third by Portishead......a lot gets listened to really......quite a lot of hip-hop on Jim and Bob's part actually: Pharcyde, Souls of Mischief were played a lot yesterday in the studio Reading: I've just finished reading The Kandy-Kolored Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby by Tom Wolfe and before that Growth of the Soil by Knut Hamsun, and now Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller. Watching: I don't watch a lot of TV really but I do watch quite a lot of films. I went to see 127 Hours at the cinema and thought that was really good. I also saw Somewhere which has had quite mixed reviews but I though it was brilliant in its subtlety and atmosphere created through that subtlety. Eating: When we were in Vienna we had this traditional Austrian sausage served with what I thought was grated cheese but was actually grated horseradish, which I discovered to my cost via an oversized first bite. Anything Else: Should be touring UK and Europe in March. Bobby will actually be supporting us in his solo project The Haxan Cloak as well as playing with us straight after, so no matter how bad, tired and weary I feel I’ll only have to look to him to see a true picture of exhaustion. Good for me, obviously awful for him.