We’re a bunch of hapless record collectors and gear nerds that formed a band to ape the records we like, hopefully in our own charming and unique way. We’re from Bedford, London and North Yorkshire and make blues/folk rock for Jagjaguwar Records. Listening to: Charlie & Esdor - Tom (drummer) sent us all a copy of this recently and it’s bloody great. The original LP is quite rare I think, so here’s hoping Tom finds one and leaves it to me in his will. Baron – ‘Illegitimate Nephew’ - I’ve been listening to this new project from ex-Diagonal keysman Alex Crispin all week. The songs have grown like a fungus over the last few listens, they’re really strong. It’s free too!: http://baron.bandcamp.com/album/illegitimate-nephew Olivia Chaney – ‘Demos’: A fairly new discovery for me. I saw her at End of the Road and was bowled over by how great her voice was. I managed to get a cdr and a few MP3’s from her but no records out yet. I don’t know why she doesn’t get more attention, her songs are fantastic. Here’s hoping she puts something out this year. Alasdair Roberts - 'Too long in this condition’ - I’m ashamed to say I’ve only just checked in to this hotel too. Possibly the best songwriter in Britain? The fact that he’s not huge adds to my suspicion that not many people listen to lyrics now. Reading: ‘Ben down so long that it looks like up to me’ by Richard Farina. Dan (bassist) lent me this about 3 years ago but I never finished it for some reason. Found it again recently and resolved to read it and return it asap. It’s a beat novel about a Greek student in Washington in the late fifties. The main character is a complete bastard; selfish, chauvinistic, pretentious. I like characters like that. In books anyway. Watching: Tonnes of awful films over Christmas. The last great film I saw was ‘Ils’ - a proper scary French film set in Romania. Eating: Leftover chilli and pitta bread for lunch. Mandarin for afters. Anything Else: Thanks for having us.
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