About me: The guy that fronts and writes the songs for Architects Of Grace. Listening to: My top 5 all time favourite bands according to my LastFM rankings are The Cure, Nine Inch Nails, Deftones, Depeche Mode, Interpol. Recently I've been listening to the new PJ Harvey, Mogwai and Radiohead albums. The Radiohead one is disappointing to be honest, I had big hopes. Foals last album has grown on me. I’ve also dug out Swans, BRMC, Electric Wizard, Throbbing Gristle, Sonic Youth, Bauhaus, Chameleons and New Order again recently. I’m intrigued to hear the new M83 album. It's meant to be dark and epic. Reading: I'm currently reading Keith Richards autobiography Life. That guy has a few stories to say the least. Watching: Most TV is appalling. The last programme I watched was Curb Your Enthusiasm which I enjoyed. Love Peep Show. My favourite film is probably Withnail & I. Watched both Twin Peaks series again a few months back. I also watch Spurs, so looking forward to more Champions League. The films I rate span from Nosferatu (1922 and Herzog’s 1979 version), Le Haine, Scarface, The Killing Fields, Lost In Translation, off the top of my head. Playing: Soon. We have begun rehearsals. Eating: Eating when I remember. Promo Info: 'Reflection' single out April 4th. Moments In Time album out April 11th. www.architectsofgrace.com