Jensen Sportag recently released the awesome Pure Wet EP through Cascine and to celebrate, we put them through the 'Artist Picks' treatment. About you Austin - We are fantasyboys. our parents always said so, your dad said "elvis! you're a fantasyboy" and ya know what? he was right. Elvis - And the other thing we have in common is deep loneliness. And you've almost always agreed with me about how music sounds. Listening to Elvis - Too much Jensen Sportag. But on the way places and on the way back right now I'm bumpin' Francis and the Lights (bruce hornsby + prince in the most successful imaginable outcome). Austin - Ariel Pink (iTunes says I have 129 ariel pink songs, 4 unique versions of l'estat acc...and nothing is more satisfying) Vladislav Delay (Anima really added to the romantic tension of last weeks massage) Reading Austin - A girl I like recently said Judy Garland was her hero or idol or something. So off to the library to check out Judy Garland by Anne Edwards. Simon and Schuster. Turns out that woman was a maniac. And Judy Garland was awesome. Elvis - Rereading an adolescent classic The Treasure of Alpheus Winterborn. Mansions, riddles creepsmen, treasure, and a boy like me to find it. Just fine. Watching Elvis - Netflix. Just the website though, I can never decide on a film. We used to be very much into movies, I don't know what happened. No television though. Austin - Yeah you did sell the TV. Eating Austin - Been getting special these lovely crates of clementines from Spain. Not counting sugar and cocoa and vanilla and cinnamon they definitely live up to their claim as nature's candy. Elvis - Lemon battarga pizza from City House here in Nashville. Lots, and Sunday barbecue. Anything Else Elvis' real name really IS Elvis. We really are sorta from Nashville, born and bred on a farm about 70km north of there but really really we are from the internet since 1996. The songs on Pure Wet each began as simulations of Jam & Lewis era R&B. Promo Info We consider Pure Wet our very first record. We'd like you to also consider Pure Wet our very first record and enjoy big fresh new files from Juno. "That's the place."