We weren't always What Would Jesus Drive. Amy and I (Tim) met when we were in a band called The Barbs. After a couple of years of great success and tremendous fun all over the world we got married and started WWJD. We played for a year and released our debut ep We Made This as a 2 piece. One night a drunk John followed us home, so we kept him. The next day we bought Gemma from a travelling gypsy. WWJD became four and we have been ever since. Listening to: Amy is listening to early Cure albums and the Presidents of the USA. I'm listening to Orange by the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. Reading: Kick Ass - Mark Millar (graphic novel) Watching: Currently watching Sky news to be honest, but I'll be watching UFC 127 later, and Amy is recording Fashion Police. Playing: Playing with our dogs Ernie and Trilby. Gemma plays a lot of Angry Birds. Eating: It's Spag bol night! Promo info: Go to our website (http://whatwouldjesusdrive.co/) and order the album direct from EyeSeeSound.