On 21st November, we release our long awaited compilation album in association with the charity, Invisible Children. Here's some info on each artist involved and the tracks that they've contributed. Little Glitches – Two Dead Men www.myspace.com/littleglitches A buzzing folk roots band from Sheffield. Little Glitches provide a harmonious, layered display of sounds that take you on a journey. With its series of crackles, clicks and soothing vocals, Two Dead Men, from their recent ‘123’ EP, gives the album an endearing launch. A Slient Film – Sleeping Pills (Steane) www.myspace.com/asilentfilm They’re as contemporary as they come. A Silent Film keep the listener occupied with soaring vocals that blend with the echoing guitars and fast paced drums. This version of Sleeping Pills however, shows a different side of them; a sole piano with the vocals remaining give them a fittingly pure sound. Secret Moves – Midnight Surfwatch www.myspace.com/secretmoves Secret Moves are a fiery young indie band from Manchester, who perform with a combination systematic instrumentals and heartfelt vocals, very much drifting away from the Madchester craze that many of their contemporaries still conform to. Midnight Surfwatch, from their forthcoming debut album, is their example of creating what is familiar to them, powerful rock riffs, while looking to another culture, what was first popularised in 50s California. Adam Gnade – We’re Sick Of It www.myspace.com/gnade A favourite of the 405’s, Adam Gnade is an obscure and bleak, but fascinating storyteller, whose literature dominates his music the way poetry dominated Leonard Cohen’s. In We’re Sick of it he adopts the role of a social commentator. This is something that you would have heard Woody Guthrie playing in a boxcar. Data Select Party – Wake Up The Town www.myspace.com/dataselectparty Data Select Party brings some of the strongest elements of hype to the album. They play punchy beats and twiddling guitars that fill every contemporary rock freak’s iPod at the moment. Wake up the Town pretty much does what it says on the tin. Phantom – We Float www.myspace.com/thisisphantomuk A group with a boho-rock n' roll image and a hazy, enchanting surf rock sound, fit to span a revamped Sergio Leone western, with a bit of David Lynch's surreal thrill thrown in. They raise a state of trance, like you've just gotten the whiff of an opium den. This demo of We Float is a taste of the exciting music that Phantom are due to bring to the world. Jeremy Warmsley – I Believe In The Way You Move (Live) www.myspace.com/jeremywarmsley One of the most talented pop songwriters that London has to offer, Jeremy Warmsley has released gem after gem since 2005. This live version of I Believe In The Way You Move is a very different, stripped down version of his first single, but carries the same charm. Red Room – Calmness In The Chaos myspace.com/marblesmusic1 Led by a fresh and thoughtful songwriter, Sam Frankl, Red Room are a band that bring a fantastic live, blues rock sound to their recordings, which could have been played in any era. Legendary New York producer, Robert Khozouri, produced this special demo of Calmness In The Chaos and it has the same power as the bands he worked with at CBGB in the 1970s. Zoey Van Goey – Where It Lands (Demo) www.myspace.com/zoeyvangoey The marvellous Glaswegian folk outfit, Zoey Van Goey, inspire great thoughts of fantasies and create some of the most comforting melodies you’ll ever hear. Their demo of Where It Lands has connotations of a night time ocean. The ever quiet, later introduction of an organ blowpipe can transport the listener. The O’Darling – Where Harbour Meets The Sea (Demo) www.myspace.com/theodarling An alliance of six remarkable musicians and singers from Toronto, who form some simply beautiful ambient folk/pop arrangements. The O’Darling gave us possibly the most personal song for the album, as it was composed by one of their parents, for whom they arranged and recorded it in a small local church. Where Harbour Meets The Sea tells a simple, yet solemn and moving story. Mimas – SMOM (Demo) www.myspace.com/mimas Yet another group of musicians that Scandinavia has to be proud of. Mimas have many recognisable quirks, disturbances and passions in their sound. Nevertheless their songs have an intensity and stirring of emotions that only they can muster and that can draw you in more than anything else. The demo of SMOM from their forthcoming second album shows what they can do with just a few twisted lyrics on top of a scrambled instrumental sequence and a simple bugle solo. Venomous – Look Up (Piano Version) www.myspace.com/venomdossier A rock band with elements of psych and synths. One of our editors, Aaron Hunt, is looking to bring them from Pennsylvania over to the UK, just to show people what they’re capable of. Venomous bring the album to a close with a very poignant version of Look Up. The voice and lyrics will leave you with food for thought by the time it finishes.