If you've ever wanted to plan the perfect boys night in, or treat the gamer in your life this Xmas, GAME might just be able to help. They've launched GAME Pad: "the ultimate gaming getaway and must-have pressie for gamers."

But what is it, we hear you cry? Well, essentially it's a hotel room packed with everything you need for a fantastic night of gaming. We headed to the 12th floor of Staybridge Suites London Stratford City and can confirm that it's one hell of a hotel room. There are four flat screen TVs, complete with Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3 and Apple TV, all the latest game releases plus a fridge packed with booze and food as well the usual snacky things (crisps etc) - at first we thought it was just a spread put out by the PR team, but they confirmed that it's all included with the room.

PhotobucketIf you find yourself flagging, or need to rest your eyes after your COD marathon, then you can crash on the king size bed, however if you've brought mates along with you, you should probably expect to wake up decorated with marker pen or (if they're that particular brand of bastard) missing an eyebrow. The next morning you'll also be treated to a complimentary breakfast.

Bookings are currently being taken for January, and if it proves successful we're told they might roll out the GAME Pad in other UK cities. At £199 a night it may seem a little pricey, but when you factor in the free booze and food, and the fact that you can invite people to join you in the room at no extra charge, it probably works out cheaper than spending a night at the pub, if you all chip in.

On a side note, we only spent an hour or so in the GAME Pad, but it gave us some much appreciated one-on-one time with the Wii U. After initially being critical of the console, getting up close and personal ZombiU has started to thaw our cold, cynical, undead hearts. If Nintendo keep releasing exclusives of this calibre, we might even fork out for one in the New Year.