If you hangover like I hangover then this might be too much for you. I mean, just the idea of navigating through a music website to find music instead of nearly drowning in the bath whilst covered in toast crumbs kinda blows my mind. Hopefully you'll find this before the shitshow of a party takes place and save it for when you need it.

So this is how it works. You woke up, that's half the battle won. Hit play on this playlist. You have three songs to get your day going, to really ease your way up and out, that's a solid ten minutes to get upright. Make them count.

If that doesn't work and you're committed, I've followed it with about twenty minutes of gentle soothing sound to help you forget the world, or at least forget that shit you said to whoever is in charge of giving you a raise. Don't even start to think about what you typed into your phone. Literally set it on fire the instant you can move without the acid swilling in your guts. You have twenty minutes to dwell on it all, enjoy it, remember that it was worth it. Maybe you should eat some toast? After the infinite tog session there is about 3 hours of lovely, familiar and gentle music that is not supposed to keep you horizontal but wrap your dread filled head in cotton wool. At various points I've placed songs that might help you snap out of it, but in between them is a wonderful lull. I love a good christmas party shame spiral and I hope this helps you with yours.

To show you that we're on the same team, here's some tips on coping from a pro:

Sip your water. Eat if you can but not too much. Fatty foods cling to the alcohol in your guts. Toast is your new god, Apples are your friends, Oranges will kill you. Save the caffeine for when you've been awake for a few hours and over the worst part, use the power up wisely, get showered, get outdoors, get on with your life. Forget going outdoors, that was a terrible idea, who the fuck were you kidding? Go find yourself a blanket, get Titanic on Netflix, treat yourself to a sugar in your cup of tea, it's going to be a long day.