Cloud Corner is our look at the best new music sent into us via Soundcloud. The feature now offers the chance to vote for your favourite, with the winner being interviewed about their experiences as an up and coming band in our sister feature 'Lessons From Cloudcorner'. This edition features five songs from three continents and five countries; the 405 e-world tour. Congratulations to The Palace Flophouse, who won last time's Cloud Corner.
Previously Featured Tracks
Lucknow Pact_the405 ’Waiting in the Sun’ by Lucknow Pact What do you get when you mix Scandinavian melodic sensibilities, Beach Boys harmonies and jangly guitars? The answer is seemless pop music from Swedish trio the Lucknow Pact. You can visit the band by heading to Photobucket The Sea Thieves ‘They Will Run’ – The Sea Thieves I miss the days when sea thieves were simply called ‘Pirates’. I also miss the days when songwriting was as good as The Sea Thieves; the Australian duo create delicate folk music at its best. You can visit the band by heading to Photobucket
Mystery Cult ’Slow Down' by Mystery Cult Now I don’t know about you but my parents always discouraged me from any involvement with cults. However judging from the mellow, stimulating sounds of The Mystery Cult, the joke was on my parents. You can visit the band by heading to Photobucket
the405 'Memories' by We Invented The Night We Invented The Night are a 20-piece post-rock band from Denmark. Alongside the night, the band has invented a beautiful and noisy brand of post-rock that is as stimulating as it is uncompromising. You can visit the band by heading to Photobucket
drive image 'No Feel’ by Drive While the band name 'Drive' may be reminiscent of an 80's hair metal band, the Hertfordshire band of the same name however, produces raw, angsty music at its finest. Photobucket
Photobucket You get one vote per day and the winner will be interviewed by The 405 for out sister feature 'Lessons From Cloudcorner' Send us your sounds