Cloud Corner is our look at the best new music sent into us via Soundcloud. The feature now offers the chance to vote for your favourite, with the winner being interviewed about their experiences as an up and coming band in our sister feature 'Lessons From Cloudcorner'. New bands are the children of the music world; full of potential but just in needs of a little direction and exposure. Judging from our Soundcloud submissions, these 'children' of today are becoming more plentiful and more competent. Congratulations to The Rubbish Zoo, who won last time's Cloud Corner.
Previously Featured Tracks
hsg_405 'Surfer Friend' by Heart-Sick Groans There must be something in the waters of Sweden; time after time Scandinavia proves that it possesses the winning formula to a great pop song and Heart-Sick Groans are the perfect testament to this. Full of trademark Swedish charm, harmony and infectious melody, the 3 piece keep the Swedish myth alive. You can find out more about the Heart-Sick Groans by heading to Photobucket Roxy 'Fingers' by Roxy Rawson 'Roxy Rawson' is surely a name destined for showbiz. It is just as well then that her delicate, engaging music easily lives up to her name. Smothered in heart-wrenching emotion and unusual arrangements, Roxy Rawson proves that there's still space for a talented British female singer. You can find out more about Roxy by heading to Photobucket
'Addicts Victorious' by The Palace Flophouse Luckily The Palace Flophouse more than make up for their (dodgy) name with their intelligent, slacker pop sound. As if that wasn't enough, the Illinois four-piece's lyrics and subject matter are some of the most witty and entertaining I've heard of late. You can find out more about The Palace Flophouse by heading to Photobucket
Under Electric Light 'Someone Somewhere' by Under Electric Light A band's sound is half the music it creates and half the influences from which it borrows. Luckily for Danny Provencher, under his pseudonym Under Electric Light, both are flawless - UEL is My Bloody Valentine inspired electronic dream pop at its best. You can find out more about Under Electric Light heading to Photobucket
Sam S 'I've Been in the Tunnels All Night' by Sam Skarstad The music of Sam Skarstad is as interesting and engaging as his life sounds - Sam recently escaped the intense bustle of New York to move to Prague to work in a Hostel. Now back in Brooklyn, Sam has been making some of the most engaging, unique music, running vaguely along the theme of acoustic-based folk. You can find out more about Sam Skarstad by heading to Photobucket
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