Amongst the pile of '90s relics that rumble around in the glovebox of my wife's car is Jagged Little Pill by Alanis Morissette - an album that turned 20 years old last month, and one that I still find myself reaching for on long journeys.

The thing is, despite the enormous amount of affection I have for Jagged Little Pill, it probably wasn't meant for me - in fact, barring the fact that it featured plenty of hits, I'd bet money on the fact that Maverick Records' marketing forecasts didn't include pre-teen boys. However, by appealing to my aunt, that record made its way into my life, and I'm massively grateful for that.

On Jagged Little Pill, Alanis was in control, even when she was falling apart; powerful, but kind. At times she absolutely terrified me, and I couldn't get enough; I was madly in love with just how fearless she was, and when you're young, it's these influences that shape who you are, and who you end up becoming.

But what's left when you strip away the angle I've taken with this introduction? An incredibly strong collection of songs. Sure, you've probably heard 'Ironic' at least a thousand times - and the "that's not ironic, that's just bad luck" argument a thousand times more - but where most artists would be more than happy to surround their singles with filler, Alanis used that space to allow us into her world, and with stunning results (that hidden track - a staple of the decade - still floors me).

Like I said, this album wasn't for me (I recommend reading Emma Garland's 'Jagged Little Pill Taught Me Everything About Being A Women' article) - but it helped me understand who it was for, and I happily soaked up every single lesson it provided me with.

To celebrate the album's 20th anniversary, I decided to put together a covers album; a process that was made incredibly simple thanks to the generosity of the artists that agreed to take part. Seriously, they only had a couple of weeks notice, yet they came through in style. I hope you enjoy what they've created.


This covers album features the following artists (click their name for more information): Gaze Is Ghost, Field Division, Blonde Maze, Wovoka Gentle, Dog In The Snow, Skylar Fri, Twin Hidden, AViVA, Caoilfhionn Rose, Wildfront, Vorhees, She Makes War, Calumma Amber and N-A-R-C.