One of my favourite things about making is the opportunity it gives to really listen. I think this is how craft circles become such strong communities. You can’t always get together with a group though, and sometimes it’s just more beneficial to spend some time in solitude contemplating while you stitch. Here I’ve compiled a list of some craft related podcasts/acts that make for good listening while you craft solo. Photobucket ONE: The Craft Cartel- Radical Cross Stitch “For crafty types who don’t dig rose scented doilies… Celebrating all that is irreverent, ironic, kitschy, delightfully offensive & made lovingly by hand” I stumbled upon this podcast last summer while I was working in a library. It is available on iTunes so I had it plugged in my ears while I knitted my first scarf in my lunch break. The slogan above was definitely a pulling point and pretty much covers what these two ladies are about. The Craft Cartel is a left-wing Australian based craft activist group from Melbourne. They cover a range of issues from ethics and politics of consumer based cultures to creative copyright and vaginas in the hour-long podcast, and have a few tracks thrown in for good measure. They have interviewed craft idols Faythe Levine (Handmade Nation) and Betsy Greer (Craftivism), however I should warn that some of what is said could offend, they don’t tip-toe around trying to please everyone. You don’t have to agree with everything they say. In fact, all the better if this does start you off on a massive brain haemorrhage of ideas and thoughts on the topics that come up, it’ll give you plenty to talk about with your craft peers next time you see them. *** Photobucket TWO: CraftyPod- A Blog and Podcast about Making Stuff Are you struggling to set up a craft based community or business project? States based Diane Gilleland has compiled a vast resource of podcasts, videos and ebooks and regularly updates these on her blog. Though the accent can be a bit drawl for sensitive ears she is incredibly clear and informative, which makes this a very helpful source indeed. There’s also some super twee projects like how to make a yo-yo pin cushion or button & wire broaches. *** Photobucket THREE: Leslie Hall- Born to Give the Gift of Jams I have to thank my friend, and part of Newcastle based craft group DARN IT!, Jilly for this recommendation. Leslie Hall is a multi talented gem sweater legend! She makes music, she makes craft, she makes art and… and she performs and plans weddings. Go watch some of her hilarious craft music videos now! So yeah, not really a podcast but inspiring none the less. If you know of any other good craft listens please post and share them below. *** The 405 Craft Update: Interviewing and reviewing contemporary makers, organisers and craftivists all over this planet. If you have anything you feel is worth sharing please get in contact with me at:
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