Hello! Welcome to the first of our new regular feature called 'The 405 Debate' whereby we offer up a question and you offer us up an answer! In time these will become slightly more intelligent and thought out than this but let's take our first steps into the shallow end rather than risk drowning in the deep. The question I offer up to you is based around a debate thats been raging between me and my friend James for the last two or three years.

Radiohead or Muse? Who's Better?

I realise how ridiculous this might sound to a lot of people but I assure you this is a question that's not just been pondered by me and to be honest it's a stupid question. My reasoning is two fold.
  1.  How can you possibly define who's better
  2. They sound nothing alike
Even with my reasoning i'd like to hear what you think of the question and which band you prefer.