It feels strange to describe a generation in real-time, but some times it can’t be helped. There’s a ferocity of creative ideas coming from Gen Z that’s simply awe-inspiring. So much of the output is authentic while still retaining the realities of various situations. A prime example is the music of Audrey - a Korean-American pop singer from New Jersey who’s here to show that she both doesn’t give a fuck and gives all the fucks towards her craft. Throughout 2018 to now, she’s released a slew of singles that speak to the anxieties, loneliness and uncertainty that can come with being young, but she never does this with her head down. Her tracks are brimming with confidence and experimental instrumentation, which she delves into on this episode of the podcast with Ken Grand-Pierre. Say hello to Audrey.

"Those words had been swimming around in my head for a while."

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