There must be something in the water over in Ireland, as the nation has been relentless in producing fierce talent over the past decade. Ciaran Lavery is a clear example of that, especially with his latest album, Sweet Decay. It’s an album that’s been made by a man who’s experienced life and has found himself reflecting on crucial moments, all while trying to make sense of it all. With a powerfully earnest voice that never overstays its welcome, Ciaran Lavery is one of a kind. Throughout this talk, he shares his experience with Ken Grand-Pierre and how his latest album came to be.

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Also with this podcast episode is the premiere of Ciaran’s latest music video for 'Bones 4 Blood'. Be sure to watch the video after listening to our talk with Ciaran. Speaking of which, Ciaran had this to say about the video: ”What I wanted to achieve with this video was to break from the usual formula of a music video. I wanted the story to be at the forefront and the music to be a complementary element. To be able to abolish the time constraints of the song and present something more was the goal here. When I spoke to Alex about the concept I wanted to create something real, something that broke down any remaining social taboos and to show behind everything, a person embracing their true self. Alex did a great job capturing the vulnerabilities, fears and in the end, the strength of a person.”

Also, some words from director, Alexander Milo Bischof: "When Ciaran approached me to make a music video for his new single 'Bones 4 Blood' I was over the moon with joy. We both discussed possible concepts and eventually agreed that the story should be of a contained nature and be about some form of “transformation”. I pretty much wrote the script in a day and galvanised a small and wonderfully talented crew (with whom I have collaborated in the past) to shoot the video in a hotel room in Blackheath, South-East London, over the course of one day."

"The story is about an estranged father (played by the marvellous Jonathan Hansler) who returns home to attend his son's wedding in an attempt to face the past and make amends with the people who forced him to leave home in the first place. The film touches on themes such as sex and gender prejudice and the difficulty of "being who you are" in a society that is always quick to judge. But above all, it is a universal tale about conquering one’s fears."

Right off the bat, you find yourself pulled into the intimacy of the shots. That intimacy harkens to the overall message of the video - a day in the life of our titular character. Lavery’s song is the perfect accompaniment to this video that will surely pull at your heart-strings.

“It’s good to ask yourself what’s good and what’s worth keeping.”

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