They’re some writers who you meet, where you realize the medium wasn’t so much a calling but rather the only thing that’d make sense for them. Spend a few moments with Dessa, and you quickly realize that’s the case with her.

The spitfire rapper from Minnesota has been a fixture in the music world since 2005, toeing that line between evolution and pure self-expression. She’s not the type to compromise, and it’s that particular trait that’s won her fans from around the world. Her latest album, Chime, looks like it’ll definitely continue this progression. Naturally, it’s her most personal work yet, and to find out how the album came to be we had Ken Grand-Pierre link up with Dessa in Manhattan to discuss the story behind the album, as well as My Own Devices, the book she’ll be releasing later this year.

“A lot of this album is me dealing with some me high highs and some low lows.”

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