Elujay... remember that name because very soon you’ll be seeing it everywhere. We know - how many times a week (hell, even a day) do you hear such a bold statement? But when it comes to the talent displayed on Elujay’s latest project, Adojio, it’s clear that it’s only a matter of time that the world will catch up to him. On Adojio he’s forced listeners, both new and old, to rethink whatever perception they’ve had of him from his previous offerings. With this project, he’s immersed himself within “Acid Jazz” while also combining a love of R&B, Hip-Pop, Electronica and so much more. Ken Grand-Pierre linked up with Elujay after he played to a packed house at Brooklyn’s Elsewhere venue. While the rest of the venue was abuzz with staff and tour mates, the two chatted deeply about how this project came to be.

“Things are going to change up again, it’s just how I keep things interesting.”

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