This episode is a prime example of the wonderment that can come from Skype. Believe it or not, we actually aim to avoid doing Skype interviews, but once in awhile there’s a person who we’re so down to talk to that we say “fuck it.” That was indeed the case with Dutch singer/songwriter Emil Landman, an immensely talented musician who challenging what it means to be a dude with a guitar. The way he’s doing that is by following his heart, a cheesy sentiment, sure, but one that rings true with Landman. Earlier this year he lived in New York, a place that he engrossed himself within and allowed the pace of the city to inspire him beyond his wildest dreams. Our host, Ken Grand-Pierre, missed Landman while he was in town but luckily they were able to connect over Skype to chat about Landman’s time in New York, as well as his journey in music.

"We’re living in a time where you can be anywhere and connect with people from a lot of different places."

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