We’re not that far removed from the birth of The Weeknd, but even with that in mind, the idea of a musical act growing to prominence, yet shrouded in mystery, seems impossible to imagine. Enter Emotional Oranges - the music collective from Los Angeles who are making it their trademark to defy expectations at every turn.

The Weeknd comparisons aside, they draw much more inspiration from musical legend Sade - particularly the understanding that genre rules are meant to be broken. Calling Emotional Oranges purely R&B and neo-soul does them a disservice and this is beautifully evident on their debut EP, The Juice Vol. 1. As of now, they’re still a well-kept secret in regards to music fans, but soon they’ll be worldwide stars.

On this episode of the podcast, Ken Grand-Pierre spoke to two members of the collective, right before they took to the stage at a sold-out Music Hall of Williamsburg show. This is the most illuminating story of Emotional Oranges you can ever hope to get.

"I think you’ll be more surprised by what we’ll be doing in the fall."

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