If you’re reading this, you’ll most likely be aware of Finneas O’Connell as the brother of Billie Eilish. What you might not know is that he also releases music as FINNEAS - music that does an impeccable job at touching your soul. To call his songs confessional would do them an injustice. No, what FINNEAS is able to do is to paint pictures so vivid you’ll feel as though you’re seamlessly walking through the portraits of his heart. Songs such as ‘I Lost A Friend’ and ‘Life Moves On’ make it feel as though he’s lived a long life; utilizing self-awareness at a way that’d make most of us jealous. His latest single ‘Angel’ shows that he still has so much to share. We caught up with FINNEAS after a hectic week of shows in New York with his sister Billie. On this talk, they delve into FINNEAS' love of piano and the catharsis of writing such powerfully poignant songs.

"Sometimes things are a lot more simpler than they seem to be."

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