How do you allow yourself to indulge in reckless abandon while also keeping an eye on how messy the world is? Well, we should probably ask indie band And The Kids, because they make it seem gloriously easy. Their latest album, When This Life Is Over, is a prime example of when you allow creatives to truly spread their wings.

It’s a colourful album, full of tongue-in-cheek moments of self-awareness. The album’s biggest strengths are the moments that you’re reminded that we all inhabit the same world, even with our differences and the labels people will bestow on us; in a lot of ways, this is a very ‘human’ album. It feels superfluous to make such a distinction, but in 2019 it’s a thing to cherish. And The Kids make music for everyone, not just music to enjoy but also music that you can lose yourself in. Ken Grand-Pierre caught up with Hannah Mohan, one half of the band, at a busy Brooklyn venue to find out how these new songs came to be.

“Let’s remember that, let’s learn that, let’s keep that.”

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