You know the story: band releases album, tours the world, and then prepares to do it again. That’s where we’re at with HONNE. The difference though is how they’ve decided to approach it. Their second album, Love Me/Love Me Not (released on August 24th via Atlantic Records) explores the light and the dark of falling in love. Rather than release standalone singles, the London duo have decided to release two songs a week, leading up to the album's release. The songs correlate to two sides of the album, the Love Me side and the Love Me Not side. So far, the songs sound crisp, warm, and the harmonies of Andy Clutterbuck and James Hatcher have never sounded better. Ken Grand-Pierre linked up with HONNE to find out how their second album came to be.

“The only aim for this new record was to try things that we'd never tried before.”

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