There’s something about sharing your soul which feels like a defiant act. Take James Alex of Beach Slang for example. With that band, he releases blistering punk songs that resonate with the dreamers and the broken hearts. You can tell that’s important to him, and the aspect of hope is a constant in his projects. His latest project, Quiet Slang, takes all of that a step further.

With Quiet Slang, he’s taken a selection of Beach Slang songs and recorded them acoustically. He’s also changed how he’s approached singing some of the songs, as well as having the accompaniment of strings. The resulting album is lush, pulls on your heart strings, and sticks with you in a profound way. Ken Grand-Pierre chatted with James Alex over Skype to find out why he decided to go down this beautiful route.

“These last few years... who could’ve seen that coming?”

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