It’s a dated concept to highlight how personal the music is of a singer-songwriter, but when it comes to the latest offerings from Julia Jacklin, it’s hard not to highlight the personable nature of the songs. Maybe it’s the way music conveys those feelings we find so difficult to say, yet are universal among us? Or maybe has to do with how Jacklin is one of those people who can only ever be herself?

You get the sense of the latter, once you meet her. The idea of this talented musician being anything but 100% genuine is impossible to imagine, and thankfully for us that also comes across beautifully within her music, especially the songs from her forthcoming album Crushing (which is out on February 22nd).

Ken Grand-Pierre linked up with Jacklin to discuss the next album, and why she’s massively proud of it.

“The way you represent your music with images is so important.”

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