even in 2019, KT Tunstall is still a vigorously relevant fixture within the music world (almost 20 years since first hitting the music scene). Her latest album, Wax, is the second within a trilogy of albums that finds Tunstall challenging everything she’s grown to learn about making music, while still delving deep within her experiences and emotions to make sense of not just her world, but the world we all find ourselves inhabiting.

A lot of us have found ourselves confused by relationships, the passing of close friends, feeling stagnant in jobs, things that are truly trivial in the wider scheme of things but also paralyzing specific to our life stories, and with that KT Tunstall’s music has provided the appropriate soundtrack.

On this episode of the podcast, Ken Grand-Pierre talks to Tunstall over Skype, catching up and also looking back on her career (while also touching on what’s to come next). Listen below.

“It’s amazing to see the arc of my story grow with this body of work.”

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