It was a sad day when English pop musician Lauren Aquilina decided to step away from music. Even phrasing it that way feels unjust, because it wasn’t that simple, and it was frankly refreshing to have an artist be so openly honest towards the crushing realities of being a full-time musician in our modern world. Aquilina didn’t fully step away from music, she found herself writing for other artists, but keeping a firm hold on not releasing music under her own name, as well as not performing. Luckily for us, she’s changed her mind and back doing what she was born to do. Late last year, she returned with her single ‘Psycho’ - a full-on banger of a pop tune that’s both tongue-in-cheek and downright heartbreaking. Since then, she’s gone on to not just release more music but has also returned to the stage, promising more music and shows along the way. Ken Grand-Pierre caught up with Lauren to find out what it’s really been like to be doing this again.

“I just wanted it to be independent and very authentic.”

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