For many acts, the hope is to have at least ‘one song’ that can define their career. Most achieve this after years of searching, and a great deal never even make it that far. But for Scottish musician, Lewis Capaldi, he’s achieved that so early on in his career that it’s truly an astonishing feat.

His song, 'Bruises', is a standout if we’ve ever heard one. A beautiful and effecting track that recounts heartbreak in such a truly poignant way. Luckily for Capaldi, he doesn’t need to solely rely on 'Bruises' to carry him, due to the fact that the other three tracks of his debut EP, Bloom, are also gorgeously lush tracks.

Ken Grand-Pierre caught up with Capaldi via Skype chat to find out how this all came to be for Capaldi, and where he sees himself going from here.

“It’s unbelievable to see people respond and care so much about just four songs.”

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