Remember that phrase “don’t call it a comeback”? It’s interestingly very applicable to our next guests. For over a decade, Matthew “Murph” Murphy has made a name for himself as the affectionately deprecating frontman of the Wombats. His skills as a pop songwriter have exceptionally sharpened on their last two albums (Glitterbug and Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life). Now, while the Wombats take a break, he’s leading a new project but the last thing he wants is for you to call it a solo project. Under the moniker Love Fame Tragedy, Murphy is collaborating with a host of talented musicians, greatly inspired by the Gorillaz approach to crafting albums. Featuring on the project (so far) are Pixies' Joey Santiago, alt-J's Gus Unger-Hamilton, Matt Chamberlain of Soundgarden, Lauren Aquilina, and Maddi-Jean Waterhouse. A beautifully eclectic array of talented musicians who’ve undoubtedly broadened Murphy’s abilities as a songwriter. And that’s what today’s episode is largely about, the ways Love Fame Tragedy is purely its own beast. No comeback required.

"I don’t want it to be all about me, only a little bit about me."

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