Creating a definitive body of work is the white whale for any artist. The impossible task that’s largely unimaginable for many of the artists we hold dear. But in 2019, Irish/English singer Maverick Sabre has done this with his third album, When I Wake Up. Arriving early in the year, it’s still one of 2019's biggest standouts. Throughout the album, he continues to fuse his love of rap, rR&B, and soul, while also sharing personal stories that highlight various walks of life. When I Wake Up is an album that’s both deeply personal but also constantly looks outwards; observing the world and hoping to make some sense of it. Ken Grand-Pierre got to meet with Sabre in Brooklyn ahead of a sold-out show at Rough Trade. Together they discussed how the album came to be.

"As the album’s have gone on, my perspective has changed a lot."

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