It’s a rare thing to see a young person obsessed with reinvention. A highly general statement, but it’s not one without context.

It makes sense to be obsessed with defining oneself at a young age, just by the sheer virtue of reacting to the posturing all around you. It’s what makes an artist such as MINKE standout, because it’s clear that such posturing by her peers leaves her unaffected.

This young British artist has already released a slew of beautiful tracks (see 'Armour' and 'Maybe 25') - all of which have made it impossible for people to pigeonhole her (not bad for someone who’s yet to release her debut EP). Ken Grand-Pierre linked up with MINKE (real name: Leah Mason) via Skype to discuss how she’s shaping her career into reflecting who she is, rather than who she thinks she needs to be.

“If you love it, you want to do it.”

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