There are bands you fall in love with and find yourself vigorously rooting for, with a passion fiercer than anything else. That'd be the best way to describe Nashville based MONA, their fans, and their career up to this point.

There have been many ups and downs for the band, but the drive to challenge themselves has remained. Armed with a new album, MONA are back and ready to yet again change people's perceptions of what a rock band should be in 2018. Frontman Nick Brown is well known for speaking his mind, and with some more years on him he's found himself a more contemplative soul.

Ken Grand-Pierre spoke to Brown about the ethos of making music for humans, going through changes, rediscovering the desire to be in a band, and what the new music will reflect about life.

“We try to write human songs. Our only mission as a band is to write songs for humans.”

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