Say the name ‘Ólafur Arnalds’ out loud and you’ll be surprised by the different reactions you’ll get. A good number of people will smile in happiness, ready to recount their favourite compositions by Arnalds, while others will look at you bewildered. That’s what happens when people are more familiar with your work than anything else about you, and it's an element of Arnalds' career that he seems to enjoy. For fame brings a lot of distraction, and judging from his latest album, re:member, being undistracted was a key component to bringing the music to life.

This piano-led album offers a more contemplative side to Arnalds than we’re used to, along with the integration of the ‘Stratus Pianos’ - self-playing pianos which react to Arnalds and learn as the song progresses. Ken Grand-Pierre linked up with Arnalds in Brooklyn to discuss the ways re:member is a different beast than his previous work.

“My role is much less musician, and much more of an Art Director.”

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