It’s never been easier for someone to have control of their artistry than right now. Of course, there’s numerous challenges and hurdles to face, but holding onto the ownership of one's craft has never been more important. Orla Gartland, one of Ireland’s most promising musicians, is a true testament to that.

Along with being fully independent, Orla is constantly writing and producing new music. Over at Patreon, you can check out secret demo club, which features Orla sharing new tracks, cleverly made videos, and a community of music lovers that she interacts with constantly. It’s such a refreshing sight to see (and hear). Outside of the club, Orla’s making her way back to the wider world, recently releasing one of 2018’s biggest bops in 'I Go Crazy'. Ken Grand-Pierre linked up with Orla to find out how that song came to be and what we can expect from her next.

“It’s been a wild ride in trying to figure out how to even exist in this crazy industry.”

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