Something that our host constantly says is that he “loves acts that don’t give a shit while also giving all the shits, at the same time.” Interestingly enough, there’s probably not a better way to describe our next guests: 2/4’s of Toronto based punk band PUP.

Since 2010 they’ve been touring and releasing music non-stop, amassing a fan base that’s both passionate and diverse. Their latest album, Morbid Stuff, has struck a massive chord well outside of their fanbase but it’s still that fanbase that PUP feels immense gratitude towards, which is largely what they discuss on this episode of the podcast.

Ken Grand-Pierre met up with frontman Stefan Babcock and drummer Zack Mykula ahead of a sold-out show at New York’s Terminal 5 (a 3000 cap room). Together, the three of them discuss how Morbid Stuff came to be and why PUP make sure to never bullshit anyone.

"It’s a testament to creativity."

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