A strong level of self-awareness is always appreciated. It’s exactly that quality which makes today’s episode so special. Hailing from North Shields, Sam Fender knows exactly what you think about him right from the start. “Really, another young white male singing songs about his life?” Luckily for Sam, his songs stand out due to his societal observations that point out the obvious rather than shy away from them. The title track of his debut album, Hypersonic Missiles, is a fine example; it’s a powerfully loud song that’s filled with the emotional baggage one feels from trying to make sense of the world around him. This is quite the theme throughout Sam’s music and on this episode of the podcast, he chats with Ken Grand-Pierre about not only being an artist but what it’s like being a young human being in 2019. And yes, they also chat about that Critics Choice BRIT Award win.

"I wanted the song to have a celebratory feel."

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