Think back to those summer afternoons where the sun rays are relentlessly soothing, the laughter of family members and friends all around you, with kids running around and the smell of grass that’s somehow mixing with the smell of grilled food that’s fully encompassing the air. During those moments, there’s always music being played and I’m happy to report that South Londoner Samm Henshaw’s music would be perfect for this exact scenario. But don’t fret, say you’re stuck on the tube, a crowded bus, or feeling stressed at the supermarket, Samm Henshaw has got your back with his soulful R&B that also dips into hip-hop and jazz. Throughout 2018-2019 he’s released incredible singles such as 'How Does It Feel?', 'Broke, Doubt' (which features Wretch 32) and 'Church' (which features EARTHGANG). Each track stands out on its own while solidifying Henshaw’s talents of being a soulful wordsmith. On this episode of the podcast, Ken Grand-Pierre linked up with Henshaw to discuss how he made these new songs and what people can expect from him next.

"I want to leave people feeling something."

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