You know you need to pay attention to a band if they’ve gotten praise from Shirley Manson. The Scottish icon said it best when she described Starcrawler to Vevo as “a bizarre combination of’s definitely punk with a flashes of old-school rock n’ roll.” That mixed with a must-see live show makes Starcrawler one of the most exciting acts to exist in 2019.

Way back in May, Ken Grand-Pierre met with the band the day after an electrifying set at Brooklyn Steel, which saw the band play to a sold-out crowd opening for punk legends The Distillers.

On this episode, the band share the work that’s gone into their second album, Devour You (out October 11th), why the live show is so important, and the ethos that drives their band forward.

"We do whatever we feel like doing in the moment."

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