The best music tends to be the most personal (a sentiment we’ve definitely shared on this platform before) and today’s guest is a firm reminder of that. Sulene is a musician from South Africa who’s made New York her home, this marks her second time on the podcast. The first time she was on, she shared how she found herself building a career in music. While on this episode, we go right into themes that make up her upcoming EP.

It’s easy to tell within the first song that she’s dug deeper than ever before to share her heart with the world. The EP has the creative elevation we hope to hear with indie pop, while also excelling at telling a very specific set of stories. The songs touch on loss, empowerment, being young and confused, and what it’s like trying to make something of yourself in a big city like New York. On this episode of the podcast, Ken Grand-Pierre talks to his friend Sulene about the experiences that helped her produce her best work yet.

"I started to get excited when I saw how it was coming together."

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'Diamond' by Sulene is out today on all streaming platforms.