So much of the output we see today feels lifeless. There's many talented musicians out there, but something can get lost in the need to market art - almost leaving you with the sense that the art is more a product than a form of expression. It’s this prevailing feeling that makes us grateful for an artist like Tamino - the Belgian/Egyptian musician who’s truly doing his own thing. His debut album, Amir, is a brave release in a time of Spotify playlists and background coffee shop albums. Throughout the album, he explores his cultural roots while also asking questions about life with the blunt naivety that only youth can provide. But Tamino is the type of young man who feels wise beyond his years, leaving us listeners to imagine where he’ll be in ten years time. Practically the entirety of Europe has taken notice of this young man and now his eyes are fixated towards the states. Ken Grand-Pierre met up with Tamino to discuss his beginnings, how he made Amir, and how Radiohead’s Colin Greenwood became a firm ally.

"Identity is very important to me."

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