I’ve heard about Newport Folk Festival for years, largely due to some of my closest friends who experience the festival annually. Out of all the praise I’ve heard in regards to the festival, the big one that’s always stuck with me was how it was an incomparable experience.

I’m happy to report that Newport Folk Festival is indeed a fest like no other.

There’s a true sense of love and commitment that’s present throughout the three days. There’s barely any advertisements on site and you get a true sense that everyone in the audience is actually listening to the music: a trait that isn’t as standard at modern-day music festivals as it should be.

Within this episode, we talk to some of our favourite artists about what makes the festival so special. We have The Lone Bellow, Tank and the Bangas, and Jen Cloher returning to the show, as well as Nicole Atkins making her debut. Listen below.

“It’s amazing to us how much you can truly be yourself, at Newport.” - Tank and the Bangas

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(In order of appearance: Jen Cloher, Nicole Atkins, Tank And The Bangas, and The Lone Bellow)