Can you think of many bands who’ve stayed vital with each of their releases, especially over a decade? How about over two decades? That list is rather small and if you’re having that conversation you swiftly have to consider James. The indie-rock titans have been making music together since 1982, though it’d be understandable if the latest album, Living In Extraordinary Times, made you think they were a new band. That’s not a slight against James, it’s actually much to the contrary. Because even with the sheer level of mastery towards their craft, they’ve still been able to embody a level of curiosity and near-youthful joy within this album.

On their fifteenth album (yes, that’s right, fifteen albums), Tim Booth and co explore the myriad of feelings that come with living in our modern world. Yes, there’s darkness, but this album reminds us that there are also bright colours that can enter our lives. Ken Grand-Pierre met up with frontman Tim Booth to discuss how the album came to be and why it’s one of James' finest albums.

"It’s out there for everyone to see."

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