The first lyric of Arctic Monkey’s ‘Who The Fuck Are The Arctic Monkeys?’ is “we all want someone to shout for.” Along with kicking off their career, that lyric also inspired the name of an expansive music blog run by New Yorker, Will Oliver. It’s a marvel to see that in 2019, where massive media conglomerates are shutting left and right, that Oliver’s blog has seen continuous growth. With his blog, Oliver has cultivated an audience who deeply appreciate his taste (as well as the tastes of his contributors); and this is largely due to their insights towards an eclectic variety of music. With his camera, he offers an intimate perspective of the performances that take place in New York and if that wasn’t enough, he also runs another blog called the Monday Morning Matinee, where he and other writers share in-depth takes on the latest films. On this episode, Ken Grand-Pierre chats with Oliver about the start of his blogs and how he endures the ever-evolving landscape.

"If you’re not shooting bands you love, I think it shows."

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