It’s an interesting thing the way EPs become companions in everyday life. The obvious answer is their length - it’s easier to have them seep into our lives in comparison to albums - but it could also be due to how that format allows artists to express so much in such a constrained body, and this is highly evident on Yoke Lore’s latest EP, Absolutes. On his latest project, it feels like Adrian Galvin has Yoke Lore as fully-realized as possible. The songs are lush, expansive, Galvin’s voice shines as a man who’s lived a full life and is pushing himself forward for more stories to tell. We sent Ken Grand-Pierre to meet up with Galvin for his second appearance on The 405 Exchange, to go in-depth on the tracks of Absolutes.

“You should do things once in a while that aren’t healthy for you, and that can be therapeutic.”

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