Today we have a look at some of the smaller/independent gems, all of which share a similar ethos. Green Man Dates: Friday 21st - Sunday 23rd August Place: Glanusk Park, Powys, Wales Website: If you’re sick of the hustling, bustling, corporate nature of festivals, with logos plastered on anything from thousands of cheap beer cups to the very grass itself – consider the Green Man festival. The three day independent festival in Wales has a charming, inviting atmosphere with intimate feel, and this is reflected in its scenic and unusual surroundings in the Welsh countryside, under Sugar Loaf Mountain; surely a level from Super Mario Land. Family friendly also, children under 12 get in for free, teenagers just £50. For your ears you’ll find a slightly leftfield line-up of alternative acts, plenty of indie, folk and psychedlia on offer. British Sea Power should be in there element in the rural surroundings, rocking out in the mountains, Animal Collective will fit right at home also. A plethora of underground artists are on offer too, including 405 favourites Wooden Shjips and Emmy The Great. For your eyes and other sense, there will be range of quirky, cultural things to do, from all-night bonfires, literature, film and secret gigs aplenty. More importantly than anything else previously mentioned, Green Man boasts the first 24-hour drinks licence at a UK festival. Convinced now? Picks: Animal Collective, Jarvis Cocker, , Bon Iver, British Sea Power, Four Tet, Grizzly Bear, Wilco, Wooden Shjips, Emmy The Great, Broken Records, Errors and more to come. End Of Road Festival Dates: Friday 11th - Sunday 13th September Place: Larmer Tree Gardens, Salisbury, Wiltshire Website: Continuing the Independent vibe, it would be quite possible to cut and paste a lot of the above from Green Man such is the similar outlook on what a festival should offer. No logos, los of fun. Green Man openly inspires end of the Road after the creators fell in love with it, when attending in August 2005. We’ve all said ‘Wouldn’t it be great to from our own festival? Create our ultimate line-up?’ Of course, the difference between them and us is that they actually did; and very nicely too – bookending the UK festival season in style. Quintessentially English in character, the chilled and friendly atmosphere in the tranquillity of Dorset features many quirks, with parrots and peacocks mincing around, workshops, and all the ‘little things’ that make a festival great. Of course music wise the artists match the settings, and an impressive line-up for the festival in its fourth year. The two headliners Explosions in the Sky and the effervescent Fleet Foxes play alongside other soothing, chilled but most importantly excellent acts such as The Acorn and Efterklang. Hmmmmmmmm. Go on, think of a better way to see out the summer. Can’t, can you? Picks: Explosions in the Sky, Fleet Foxes, Efterklang, Okkervil River, Steve Earle, Malcolm Middleton, The Acon, First Aid Kit, The Boy Least Likely To Truck Festival Dates: Saturday 25th - Sunday 26th July Place: Hill Farm, near Abingdon, Oxfordshire Website: Another festival with an ethos on the intimate, Truck was created by the Bennett family to be the antithesis of Jumbo-fests in this way, with capacity of just 5,000. Two days of frolicking in a farm in Oxfordshire and hunting for new bands will be on the agenda for Truckers; a lot of the festival is about the experience, as summed up nicely on their website: “TRUCK is about discovering your new favourite band, and rediscovering those resident eccentrics on the fringes, whilst chewing a burger from the Rotary Club or an ice cream from the Vicar, before buying a few pints from those cross-dressing bar staff!” At a fan friendly £70, the announcements are staring to emerge bandwise, with Supergrass and Ash to headline the Truck Stage. Yup, it genuinely does have wheels. Expect the artists found to be a vastly eclectic pot of intrigue; drum and bass to be found with hardcore, alongside your usual esoteric indie bands across the six stages. Picks: Ash, Supergrass, Yacht, Pulled Apart By Horses, Broken Records, Chew Lips, Errors, Detroit Social Club. Many more to be announced!